Kong Christian stod ved højen mast, the royal anthem of Denmark (written for Christian IV) + all the Danish Kings named Christian from the first to the tenth including the future eleventh King Christian of Denmark

King Christian stood by the lofty mast
In mist and smoke;
His sword was hammering so fast
Through Gothic helm and brain it passed;
Then sank each hostile hulk and mast,
In mist and smoke.
"Fly!" shouted they, "fly, he who can!
Who braves of Denmark’s Christian,
Who braves of Denmark’s Christian,
In battle?”


July 1, 1862 – Wedding of Princess Alice of the United Kingdom and Prince Ludwig of Hesse.

On July 1, 1862, at Osborne House, on the Isle of Wight, Princess Alice  married Prince Louis, the future Grand Duke of Hesse.  They had been engaged for over a year, but in the interim, Princess Alice’s father, Prince Albert, had died.  After six months the court was still in deepest mourning but, though Queen Victoria was still nearly mad with grief, she ordered that the wedding should go on as planned.  In consideration of the circumstances, the wedding was a quiet, private affair; the dining room at Osborne House was converted into a temporary chapel.

Scarcely got any sleep. Towards morning heard all the preparations for today’s ceremony going on. It tired me terribly. Alice got up & came & kissed me & I gave her my blessing & a Prayer Book, like one dear Mama gave me on our happy wedding morning. [..] Took a short drive with Lenchen & then saw dear Louis, who was nervous & overcome. Alice was dressed before 1, looking lovely in her bridal attire. She had no train, but a half high dress with a deep flounce of Honiton Lace, a veil of the same & a wreath of orange blossoms & myrtle. She had her order on & wore the beautiful opal cross & brooch. There were 4 Bridesmaids, our 3 girls & Anna of Hesse, dressed in sprigged net over white, with pale mauve trimmings. — The time had come & I, in my “sad cap” as Baby calls it, — most sad, on such a day, went down with our 4 Boys, Bertie & Affie leading me. It was a terrible moment for me.

I sat all the time in an armchair, Bertie & Affie close to me. The Hessian Family stood opposite, Clementine, Augustus & Nemours, next to them. After a short pause Louis came in, conducted by Ld Sydney, & followed by his 2 brothers William & Henry. After another pause came the dear dear Bride on her Uncle’s arm, followed by the Brides Maids, a touching sight. The service then commenced, the Arch Bishop performing it beautifully. Alice answered so distinctly & was full of dignity & self possession. Louis also answered very distinctly. I restrained my tears, & had a great struggle all through, but remained calm. The service over, dear Alice, who was wonderfully composed, embraced me, as I did also Louis, after which they left the room, followed by us all.

Charles, very overcome & most kind, & dear good Fritz came into the Horn Room, & the Dean brought in the Register, which we all signed, the rest of the Family coming in, in succession. When that was over, I took leave of all the guests & went upstairs, where Alice & Louis joined me, & we lunched together, all the others lunching below. Mr Thomas made a slight sketch of Alice & then she went into her dear Father’s room to change her dress, putting on a white “mousseline de soie” with a little bonnet trimmed with orange blossoms. Her calmness & composure continued. They both went to wish Pce & Pss Charles goodbye, who then came with their sons & daughter to take leave of me. Ernst C. went to Town with them, but returns in 2 days. — Dear Alice & Louis sat with me for a short while & at 5 o’clock I parted with them, blessing them both & saw them drive off.

Dear Fritz dined alone with me & was extremely kind. We talked of many things. The others joined us afterwards. — Read over the account of Vicky’s wedding, so different to this, then, all such a joyous celebration !

               Queen Victoria, Tuesday 1st July 1862



Prince Carl Philip and his fiance, Sofia Hellqvist have given an exclusive interview to DT, a Swedish news agency, where they talked about their first meeting, their relationship, the engagement, and hope for the future. 

The couple stated that when they first met, they just “clicked” (like his parents!). The prince recounts their first encounter stating, “we met at a lunch. I sat there with some friends, and you came in with a friend of yours, who knew my friends. It just clicked right away.”

About their future, Sofia added, “first, we naturally arrive at the wedding. Children should we naturally have in the future, but we are really taking one step at a time.” The soon to be Princess of Sweden also briefly talked about her relationship with Prince Daniel, whom she states she talks to very often!

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