William and Kate have the disputed privilege of living in a palace. These palaces are part of our national heritage and have to be kept up to a reasonable standard. This costs money. Half a million alone is being spent on the removal of asbestos. I’m not sure anyone could argue strongly against that part of the budget.

It is quite right that public money spent on this refurbishment should be scrutinised and the royal couple will be aware that anything they spend will likely be criticised by some, but they have little choice. They do not own Kensington Palace. They live in a tourist attraction that needs a new roof, new electrics and new plumbing. All elements of the refurbishment had to be agreed with English Heritage.

This means ensuring a standard of work in line with the significance of a building designed by Sir Christopher Wren (take, St Paul’s Cathedral, for example). William and Kate will act as caretakers of part of our national heritage. You can’t just pop down to IKEA for that.